Rockport’s Shape Maker: Cynthia Curtis
Cynthia Curtis was interviewed by Mary Grauerholz at her studio in Rockport. Read the pdf to learn how Cynthia has helped to grow the ceramics community in Cape Ann, or continue reading at the Northshore Magazine website.

“As ceramicists know, clay has a life of its own. As much as an artist can consciously manipulate it, clay can exude an otherworldly spirit. Judy Bidwell of Gloucester has experienced the phenomenon in the serene Rockport studio of Cynthia Curtis, where Bidwell is a longtime student. When the clay starts to guide the artist, Bidwell says, Curtis’s extraordinary teaching skills come into play. One of Bidwell’s most memorable experiences was when Curtis blindfolded her and other students at the pottery wheel to produce a pot in one minute.

“I’ve always felt that clay has sort of a spirit of its own,” Bidwell says. “Sometimes clay ‘speaks’ to me. Cynthia helps me take the piece forward or back to the original concept in such an encouraging way. She’s a great guide.”

Bidwell’s most valuable life lesson from her classes is learning to let go. “It allows you to realize that you’re not totally in control of everything that happens,” Bidwell says. “You have to learn to let things be what they will be.”…continue reading >
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